MEA’s 2020-21 academic calendar is postponed. We have replaced our workshops with Sabbatical Sessions. Click here to learn more.

There’s an entire culture out there telling us that getting older means becoming less relevant.

Luckily, we're old enough to know better.

The wisdom and experience you have to offer has never been more important in the workplace, or in the world. So let’s unleash it. Come get the tools you need to navigate your next chapter with confidence and a fresh perspective.

Navigate midlife transitions with a fresh perspective.

Get pragmatic tools to change your career, life, and relationships.

Shift your mindset to create more resilience and adaptability.

Welcome to a school dedicated to helping people navigate midlife.

Midlife is a time when things start to shift and change, just like our teenage years. And any moment of change carries an opportunity for reinvention and revitalization. So how do you want to live your life? What do you truly want out of your career? What excites you? Scares you? Drives you?

Ask hard questions and find great answers on a sun-drenched stretch of the Pacific, far away from your day-to-day. Here, with the gifts of time, space, and a cohort of other curious learners by your side, we’ll dig into our challenges together, and discover what’s possible.

Inspiring and empowering people in midlife.

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With “best of MEA” optional programming, these expansive sessions provide you with the place and the nourishment to reflect and reset in a safe and beautiful location.

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The pandemic has forced us all to pivot (or “swerve” as we say at MEA). We’ve postponed our 2020-21 academic calendar for the season. But, because people are craving connection more than ever, we’ve created Sabbatical Sessions at our beautiful oceanfront campus. Instead of coming for a weeklong intensive workshop, you can now join us for an extended stay of two weeks or longer to enjoy an MEA-inspired respite. Our inclusive rates reflect less curriculum...with more R&R.

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